4. Januar 2019

Ice musical Shadow: Overnight from the hockey field to the theatre stage

On December 15th the ice musical Shadow took place in the Zug Bossard Arena. The Equippe from V-TECH provided the technical framework for the show and relied on GIS electric chain hoists LPM250.

Where normally the ice hockey players of the EV Zug chase the puck, a spectacle of a different kind took place on 15 December. That evening, the ice musical Shadow was performed on the ice field of the Bossard Arena.
The V-TECH team, among others, was on hand to ensure that the change from the rough runner cracks to the filigree figure skaters, dancers, singers and musicians went smoothly. After weeks of planning, the experts in event technology ensured that the hockey field was transformed into a theatre stage overnight, including the necessary lighting and sound equipment.

GIS LPM250 electric chain hoists were used to hold the trusses on which the spotlight and loudspeaker systems were mounted. Although considerable loads of up to 400 kg can be lifted, the LPM250 has a net weight of only 12 kg in the basic version and can therefore be lifted easily by the rigger and brought into the working position. The compact housing of this electric chain hoist is very robust and allows space-saving transport. The IP65 degree of protection ensures tightness against dust and water jets. In short, the LPM250 is ideally suited for use in mobile stage construction, whether in halls, at the ice musical in Zug or for outdoor events.

The 30-strong V-TECH team created perfect technical conditions for the performance of the brilliant ice show within just a few hours. Presented in the best possible light, the numerous performers ensured enthusiasm among the audience. As fast as the stage was standing, it was dismantled afterwards and the ice rink was released again for the ice hockey players.


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Preparation for setting up mobile stage
Climbing hoist is used for the construction of a mobile stage
Entertainment chain hoist attached to truss for holding speaker systems
Mobile stage technology with GIS electric chain motors

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