15. April 2021

Gigantic video cube at the SCL Tigers - held by three GIS chain hoists

The new video cube hangs imposingly from the roof of the modernised ice hockey stadium of the SCL Tigers in Langnau. With a total weight of over 5 tonnes, it is suspended from three GIS electric chain hoists. The three motors, each with a lifting force of 2000 kg, raise or lower the cube synchronously into the desired position.
SCL Tigers video cube with 114 m2 LED surface, held by three GIS motors

As part of the renovation of the Ilfis hall, the home stadium of the SCL Tigers in Langnau, Switzerland, the 5 tonne video cube equipped with 436 LED modules was suspended under the roof of the hall on three GIS electric chain hoists.

The sensitive video cube with approx. 5.19 million pixels and full HD resolution must be moved vertically for service and maintenance purposes. This task is performed by three frequency-controlled GIS motors with a load capacity of 2000 kg each in D8Plus design. The frequency control provides the required stepless movement of 0.32 - 3.48 m/min.

The control of the GIS electric chain hoists is based on a wireless safety radio remote control with selector switch. With the ergonomic hand-held transmitter, the motors can be controlled in groups or individually.

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SCL Tigers video cube with 114 m2 LED surface, held by three GIS motors
The 6 x 6 metre SCL Tigers video cube in action during ice hockey games
The video cube is lifted to the hall ceiling with electric chain hoists
D8+ electric chain hoists hold the video cube securely above the ice surface
Motors with a large lifting height and frequency converters are used to lift and hold the video cube

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