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Chain hoists + trolleys
Travelling crane with 2 synchronous electric chain hoists and radio control
Crane systems
Crane systems take care of internal goods logistics
Vacuum handling systems
Systems + components
Crane system for the efficient storage and retrieval of panels and pallets in the warehouse.

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Electric chain hoist with frequency inverter for continuous operation and precise positioning of the load
24. Februar 2022

GP1600/GP2500 with frequency inverter

The GP1600 and GP2500 electric chain hoists are now available in ...

Synchronous electric chain hoists lift and transport boat
23. Juli 2021

Boat testing in the water basin with the aid of GIS chain hoists

During the winter months, boats prefer it dry. MMC GmbH offers pa ...

Crane system with electric chain hoist for the transport of metal beams
19. April 2021

GIS chain hoist with a GISKB crane as a helping "third hand"

A successful small crane concept is in use in the workshop of Vuk ...

Overhead travelling crane with electric chain hoist over railway wagon
Transport and logistic
Overhead travelling crane with intermediate structure in cheese production
Food industries
Slewing pillar crane with vacuum lifter lifts door
Light crane system with electric chain hoist for equipping machines
Machinery engineering


Lift Turn Move
United Kingdom


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In the showroom at our Swiss factory in Schötz, we present the wide range of GIS products, from the chain hoist for synchronous lifting, to the vacuum lifter for wooden boards, to the different types of slewing cranes. Start a virtual tour through the showroom here.