29. Januar 2024

GIS motors in the event location of Circus Monti

In its winter quarters in Wohlen, Circus Monti is already working flat out on the upcoming "40 Years of Circus Monti" tour. It also hosts the variety show in December and the Culture Days in May. The event location is equipped with modern facilities, including lowerable trusses for the lighting, which are held in place by GIS motors.
Numerous events take place in the modern Monti Circus event hall, including Monti's Variety Theatre and Monti's Culture Days.

Circus Monti has been fascinating audiences since the 1980s with a unique combination of traditional circus art and contemporary performance. High-calibre artists, acrobats, clowns and musicians offer a diverse range of first-class performances. The annual tour begins in August and lasts four months, during which the circus visits ten Swiss cities. Last year's tour ended at the end of November. However, the end of the season does not necessarily mean an artistic break. The focus now shifts to the winter quarters in Wohlen, where Monti's Varieté takes place from mid-November to the end of December. Guests experience artistic shows combined with musical and culinary delights. In addition to the variety theatre, the venue will also host Monti's Culture Days in spring 2024, where well-known artists such as Mike Müller and Adrian Stern will perform.

Multifunctional venue for all types of events

The event location in Wohlen functions as a multifunctional venue with space for up to 300 people. It offers a wide range of set-up and design options for meetings, corporate and team events, artist workshops, training sessions and film and photo shoots. The modern equipment includes lowerable trusses for lighting, which are equipped with spotlights and can be customised to suit the occasion. Four GIS LP500 electric chain hoists, mounted on the hall ceiling at a height of 11 metres, are responsible for raising and lowering the trusses. These motors each have a load capacity of 500 kg and fulfil the safety requirements for holding loads above people thanks to double brakes and at least 8-fold chain safety.

As the hall is now not only used for the variety theatre, but also for the cultural days and booked corporate events, the change from fixed to movable trusses has proven to be extremely advantageous for the flexible set-up and maintenance of the hall.


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