22. November 2022

GIS rigging system with cable-bound communication in CAMPUS SURSEE

Just in time for the 50th anniversary of CAMPUS SURSEE, the new multipurpose venue is opened. With an area of 800m2 and a modern infrastructure, it offers the perfect setting for a wide variety of events. An innovative rigging system combines maximum flexibility with highest safety. The cable-bound control system monitors the individual loads and lifting paths of the 24 GIS Entertainment motors. Data traffic is handled via TCP/IP and the system is conveniently controlled via a control panel with touch screen.
For a concert, cross beams with spotlights are attached to the front longitudinal trusses of the GIS rigging system.

A wide variety of activities is held at short intervals at the Campus Sursee. For example, an association organizes an event lasting several days and combines it with an exhibition, an innovative electric car is presented to an expert audience, or music concerts take place. Both state-of-the-art audio/video technology and fully motorised rigging ensure maximum flexibility in the new event hall. The two companies B+T Bild+Ton AG, Rothenburg, as general contractor, and GIS AG, Schötz, realize this rigging system together.

Safe flexibility

A space of about 800m2 (27.5m length and 29m width) can be divided into soundproofed halves if necessary. The event hall is equipped with 12 longitudinal trusses, which are held by a total of 24 GIS LP500 D8Plus electric chain hoists. From the hall ceiling, the supply for each truss is provided by a foldable energy chain. The basic equipment includes lights and loudspeakers (AV technology).
Each GIS motor is suspended to the hall ceiling as a climbing hoist and can be controlled individually. Grouping them together enables the synchronous lifting and lowering of the trusses. Thanks to the excellent synchronization, their precise positioning is always guaranteed. The control system seamlessly monitors each individual load and logs all movements. In case of overload, lifting is blocked, but controlled lowering is still possible.

GIS motors in customised execution

With the electric chain hoists used, in D8Plus version, people are allowed to stand under the resting load. An independent, second DC spring-loaded brake and a chain safety factor of 8:1 are essential for this. Two emergency stop contacts complement the geared limit switches for upper and lower hook positions. Each motor contains both, a load senor for load monitoring and an absolute encoder for measuring the lifting height. It has its own IP address and a TCP/IP communication interface integrated into the housing, with an external RJ45 socket.
Trouble-free communication
The brain of the rigging system is in an adjoining room, which includes a 19" rack, with server, network switches and ports (POE) for the 24 motors. Thanks to cable-based communication, there is interference-free data traffic between the control panel, server and climbing hoists via the LAN. The system is operated on a tablet computer called "touch controller," which is completed by an emergency stop switch and a green Go button. After its network cable is connected to one of three communication sockets in the hall, the motors are displayed with current lift height and load: For the entire event hall or only one of the two halves, depending on the socket selected.

Individually, as a group or all together, but always safe!

The target height for a single or a group of chain hoists is now entered on the touch controller. Five predefined combinations can be selected quickly and conveniently. However, the operator can also compose a group individually. In addition, scenes can be programmed. With the desired lifting heights, they can be easily called up later. After the presettings have been made, lifting or lowering is performed by keeping the Go button pressed.
Provisions for remote maintenance and a service contract with GIS ensure carefree operation of the rigging system for the future.

Author: Arthur Kemény, CH-5363 Weggis

Technical data / fact sheet

  • 12 trusses are attached to a total of 24 GIS LP500 D8Plus electric chain hoists. Two motors each work as a climbing hoist and are suspended from the hall ceiling with their load hooks.
  • All electric chain hoists in the D8Plus version have a second, independent DC spring-loaded brake.
  • The load capacity per motor is 500 kg (1-fall). It is seamlessly monitored by means of a load sensor. It is integrated into the eyebolt suspension and a sheet metal angle ensures its mechanical protection.
  • The absolute encoder (rotary encoder) for the lifting height is located on the chain wheel. The zero position is retained even in the event of a power failure.
  • Operating voltage of the motors: 3x400V 50Hz, power cable cable 1m, with CEE plug five-pole, integrated transformer for control voltage 42VAC. 
  • More keywords about the motors: IP65 protection, lifting speed 4m/min, lifting height 12m, geared limit switch for highest and lowest hook position, here with two emergency stop contacts, profile steel chain 5.25x15mm, chain safety static 8:1, textile chain container, two carrying handles, housing and chain in black.
  • All circuit breakers and emergency stop relays for the electric chain hoists are located in a sub-distribution board.
  • 12 sub-distribution boxes on the ceiling supply the longitudinal trusses via foldable energy chain and grid channel: energy and communication for motors, lights and loudspeakers.
  • Each motor has a TCP/IP interface integrated into the housing, with communication socket on the outside.
  • A 19" rack houses the server as well as network switches, ports (POE) for the 24 motors and there are three network sockets in the hall. Operation and monitoring is done on the touch controllers with emergency stop switch and green Go button. A touch controller is to be connected to one of the three sockets by means of a network cable. Depending on the socket, 12 motors of the left or right half of the hall or all 24 motors of the entire event hall can be operated.


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For a concert, cross beams with spotlights are attached to the front longitudinal trusses of the GIS rigging system.
For an exhibition, the rigging system is equipped with speakers and spotlights.
The GIS motors are attached as climbing hoists to the anchor points
The travel measurement of the motor takes place at the chain wheel
The rigger issues all commands via the customized touch controller

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