20. Juni 2022

New GIS D8 motor for a lifting capacity of 2000 kg

In addition to the very successfully launched D8 motors LPML250 and LPL500, GIS is introducing a new D8 model in the third quarter of 2022, the LPL1000, which achieves an impressive lifting capacity of 2000 kg with a dead weight of only 46 kg.

The LPL series was specifically developed to provide riggers with the lightest possible D8 motor for stage technology applications. At the beginning of 2020, the new product line was launched very successfully with chain hoists for capacities of 500 kg (LPML250) and 1000 kg (LPL500). These are worldwide the lightest motors on the market in their classes. In the third quarter of 2022, the LPL series designed according to EN14492 and EN17206 will be completed by another model. The LPL1000 electric chain hoist offers the same features as its two smaller siblings, with a relatively low dead weight of 46 kg and an exceptionally high lifting capacity of 2000 kg. The fact that this D8 motor can safely lift and hold more than 40 times its own weight is among other things due to the profile steel chain used, which offers a 15% higher load capacity than a traditional round steel chain with an identical nominal diameter.

Like all hoists of the LPL series, the LPL1000 can be easily and quickly prepared for its intended purpose. For example, in just a few steps, a second independent DC spring-loaded brake can be mounted on the existing shaft or the setup can be adapted from direct control to low voltage control. In addition to other options, it is also possible to integrate a load and path measurement. A stackable flight case specially designed for the LPL1000 is available as an ideal packaging unit for gentle, space-saving transport from one event to the next.

Thanks to the housing and covers made of aluminium, the entire LPL product line is very robust yet lightweight. The entertainment motors have IP65 protection as a standard and are sealed against dust and water jets. At open-air events or on concert tours, their weather resistance and reliability are highly appreciated. Thanks to the modular design with easy access to wear parts, maintenance works can be carried out quickly and easily. "Made in Switzerland", the electric chain hoists of the LPL series are designed for a long service life. GIS guarantees for this with an extended warranty of 3 years.


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Chain motor for stage technology with a lifting capacity up to 2000 kg



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