rigging motor LPL500 for mobile use in stage construction

Electric chain hoist LPL D8

LPML250 for 500 kg, LPL500 for 1000 kg, LPL1000 for 2000 kg

Light and powerful

  • The lightest entertainment chain motors in its class
  • LPML250: Self-weight 12 kg, lifting capacity 500 kg
  • LPL500: Self-weight 23 kg, lifting capacity 1000 kg
  • LPL1000: Self-weight 46 kg, lifting capacity 2000 kg

Reliable and long-lasting

  • 3 year warranty
  • Protection class IP65 as standard
  • Housing and cover made of aluminum


  • Quiet running: With 3-step drive and helical gearing
  • Easy assembly of a second brake
  • Polygonal design for an easy maintenance
  • Available as a kit with flight case and controller

Technical specifications

Standard version

D8 motor

In accordance with EN14492-2, SQP2:2018, DIN56950, EN17206

Maximum load capacities

LPML250: 500 kg, LPL500: 1000 kg, LPL1000: 2000 kg

Chain safety

Minimum 5:1

Standard voltages

3 × 400 V / 50 Hz, 3 × 230 V / 50 Hz

Lifting speed

4 m/min


Direct control

Protection class



Eyebolt or hook suspension


Usable as stationary or climbing hoist

Isolation class (motor)


Housing and cover made of aluminum


Housing, chain and equipping parts black


DC spring-loaded brake

Load hook

With interlocking hook lug, dampening system

Overload protection

Slipping clutch adjustable and not in the flow of forces

Other properties
  • Suitable for frequency inverted operation
  • Liquid drain for outdoor use

Customer's benefit

The LPML and LPL D8 Series chain motor maximum lifting capacity compares favourably to the self-weight, making it the lightest entertainment chain motor in its class worldwide. LPML250, weighing only 12 kg, lifts 500 kg. The self-weight of the LPL500 is just 23 kg, offering a lifting capacity of 1000 kg. The ideal motors for mobile use, the lower self-weight and compact size also has a positive impact on transport costs.

The electric chain motors LPML and LPL are modular in design with compact construction which is why they are perfectly suited for integration in trusses. LPML250 fits in the 300 mm square truss and LPL500 in the 400 mm square truss. Regardless of its compact size, wearing parts can be replaced in a simple manner, making it the hoist technicians’ friend as well.

The case hardened and square profile galvanised steel chain provides around 15 % more capacity at an identical nominal diameter when compared to traditional round steel chain. 
The larger cross-sectional area reduces wear and increases the lifetime of the chain. The load hook with stable, guided hook latch and safety rubber buffer provides maximum safety.

Weather resistant
A feature of the chain motor is the protection class IP65. It is dust proof and protected against water jets. The motors is perfectly suitable for outside use, even under the most arduous conditions. On open air events and concert tours, the rigging professional will appreciate the weather resistance and reliability of these electric chain motors.

Accessories & options

  • Limit switch for direct control (LPL500 and LPL1000)
  • 42 V low voltage control with geared limit switch
  • Other operating and control voltages on request
  • Safety load locking hook
  • Geared limit switch with two additional emergency stops
  • Safety Radio remote control
  • Ergonomic control switch on cable 
  • Second, independent brake
  • Chain bags for various lifting heights
  • Push and motorised trolleys
  • Handles
  • Load and path measurement
  • Flight cases (4 x LPML250, 2 x LPL500, 1 x LPL1000)
  • Controller: Group controls / frequency controls
  • Cables and plugs


Lightweight electric chain hoist for stage constructionRigging in the Hallenstadion Zurich with GIS motors


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