Free standing system

up to 1000 kg
  • In the case of high ceilings or insufficient support
  • In combination with a GISKB crane system as a monorail or suspended crane
  • Use at different locations
  • Installation by fixing supports to the floor

Technical specifications

Maximum load capacity

1000 kg (higher loads on request)


Free standing system in combination with GISKB system

  • For suspended crane 6 x 6 m or 6 x 9 m
  • For monorail 6 m

Column height

Standard 3.16 m or customised

Customer's benefit

In the case of ceilings which are either too high or have insufficient support, a free standing system is recommended.
Installation is carried out by fixing supports to the floor. Subsequent relocation of a free standing system to a new site is possible without any problems.

Accessories & options

  • Higher load capacities on request
  • Higher column heights on request
  • Free standing system in combination with steel beams


A free-standing system provides for the overhead transport of goods