Slewing crane with large slewing range

Articulated slewing pillar crane GSD-TR

up to 250 kg
  • Articulated jib crane with maximum slewing range
  • Suitable for eccentric load suspension with GIS handy telescope
  • Slewing range up to 270° (inside), or up to 330° (outside)
  • Jib length up to 2.6 m, longer jibs on request
  • Option: equipped with a brake at the inner and outer joint

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Technical specifications

Standard version

Maximum load capacity

250 kg

Jib length

2.6 m (1.4 + 1.2 m)

Pillar height

3.4 m

Slewing range

270° (inside), 330° (outside)

Colour pillar and jib arm

Light grey RAL 7035

Power supply

Trailing cable


Column with base plate (without fastening material)

Lifting device

To be combined with Handy telescope model GPHT500

Customer's benefit

With a slewing range of up to 270° (inner joint) or 330°, the articulated slewing crane can cover an almost circular working area. In this way, loads can be moved to positions that cannot be reached with a straight jib. In addition, the knuckle jib makes it possible to drive around obstacles that often occur in a production plant (e.g. supporting structures and machines).

The column-mounted slewing crane consists of a horizontal articulated boom that can swing around the column and a vertical column that is attached to the floor, ceiling or concrete base for mobile use. The hoist is mounted on the tip of the articulated arm, often a GIS telescopic Handy. This combination enables an eccentric load pick-up and is often used for feeding production machines or for tool changes.

Thanks to its smooth running and flexibility, the articulated crane is always used where fast handling of workpieces, work parts and small parts is required.
If high positioning accuracy is required, the articulated arm can be equipped with a slewing force regulation and a rotation range limitation.

Accessories & options

  • Radio control
  • Special paints or galvanised version
  • Slewing jib crane and hoisting equipment for outdoor operation
  • Special jib lengths
  • Special pillar heights
  • Swivel limitations
  • Brake at the inner and outer joint


Slewing crane with large slewing range for loading machinePillar-mounted slewing crane for handling workpieces at the workplaceArticulated slewing crane with telescopic handler