GISKB slewing crane with electric chain hoist for area-wide goods handling

Slewing pillar crane GISKB Steel

up to 1000 kg
  • Jib profile GISKB steel
  • Treads inside the profile protected from dirt
  • Trolley with smoothly running plastic rollers
  • Slewing range up to 270°
  • Jib length up to 6 m, longer jibs on request
  • Option: equipped with an electric tug
  • Option: equipped with a telescope

Technical specifications

Standard version

Maximum load capacity

1000 kg

Maximum jib length

5 m

Pillar height

Up to 4.2 m

Slewing range

270° stepless (manually)

Colour pillar and jib arm

Light grey RAL 7035

Travel movement

Manually or electrically (Electric tug frequency controlled)


Trolleys with quiet plastic rollers

Power supply

Trailing cable


Column with base plate (without fastening material)

Lifting device

To be combined with electric chain hoist GP

Customer's benefit

A slewing pillar crane is typically used in workshops, factories or warehouses to move loads in the lower working load range safely and efficiently from one place to another.
Thus, jib cranes are a cost-effective alternative to overhead cranes, not only when the latter's use is not possible due to insufficient ceiling load capacity or too high a ceiling.
Thanks to their long reach, slewing cranes are also ideal for applications in confined spaces where other lifting equipment, such as forklifts, cannot reach the goods to be transported.

The column-mounted slewing crane consists of a horizontal jib arm that can swing around the column, an electric chain hoist to lift the load, and a vertical column attached to the floor, ceiling or concrete base for mobile use.
In the case of the GISKB steel slewing crane, the jib made of the GISKB steel profile ensures an optimum ratio of load capacity, outreach and smooth running characteristics.

Together with our customers, we develop individual solutions for functional workplace design so that the slewing crane serves as a supporting lifting device for assembly stations with repetitive tasks, for lifting and conveying finished products or for loading machines. In combination with a GIS electric chain hoist including trolley (manual or electric), a GIS vacuum handling system or another load handling device, you get the complete crane system from a single source.

Accessories & options

  • Radio control or roving pendent
  • Special paints or galvanised version
  • Slewing jib crane and hoisting equipment for outdoor operation
  • ATEX version for potentially explosive environment
  • Special jib lengths
  • Special pillar heights
  • Slewing jib cranes with telescopic jib
  • Swivel limitations
  • GIS manual chain hoist as lifting device
  • Power supply through C-rail or conductor line


Slewing crane is used for transport of heavy rollSlewing crane with electric chain hoist under weather protectionThe workstation is equipped with a slewing crane for the fast movement of goodsWeatherproof slewing pillar crane with rust-resistant jibWeather-resistant slewing crane for outdoor useSlewing crane for in-house goods logistics