Conductor line

  • Space-saving (no hanging cable) for crane and monorail system
  • Use of the entire travel range
  • Aesthetic solution
  • Suitable for use with multiple crane bridges
  • Option: IP 54 (dust protected for the wood industry)

Technical specifications

Standard version

  • 4-pole conductor line
  • Protection class IP23
  • Capacity 24 A
  • Suitable current collecting trolley and driving pin
  • Rail flexibly expendable
  • Suspension for conductor line on steel beam
  • End- or centre power feed
  • Various cable glands

Customer's benefit

If the power supply is done by conductor line, the entire travel range can be used as there is no lost space because of cable and cable carriages.
A big benefit is that several crane bridges can be feed with power from the same conductor line.

Accessories & options

  • Conductor lines with more than 4 poles or parallel arranged
  • Special suspensions for conductor lines
  • Protection class IP 54 (dust protected for the wood industry)
  • Conductor lines for track bend
  • Current collecting trolleys for special applications