Lightweight crane system for large spans and high loads

Double bridge suspended crane GISKB steel

up to 2000 kg
  • Crane system for larger span widths or transport distances
  • For regular or optimised construction height
  • Suspension crane track rigid or pendulating
  • Manual or steplessly electrical crane and cross travel
  • Profile reinforcement to increase span width
  • Option: Crane system for multiple crane bridges

Technical specifications

Standard version

Maximum load capacity

2000 kg

Profile sizes

4 (GISKB I, II, III, IV), to be combined flexibly

Colour steel beams

Light grey RAL 7035


Double bridge suspended crane standard or low headroom execution

Crane and cross travel

Manually or electrically (Electric tug frequency controlled)


Trolleys and rolling apparatuses with quiet plastic rollers


Suspension rigid direct, pendulating short or distanced

Power supply

Trailing cable, C-rail or external conductor line

Customer's benefit

The GISKB light crane system is the perfect solution for the fast and safe overhead transport of your goods. Due to its flexible and modular design the crane system can be tailored to the needs of your workplace. Depending on the load, span and transport route, various profile sizes are available. These can be combined with each other as crane tracks or crane bridges.

The double-bridge suspened crane is used for heavy loads and for large spans. A GIS electric chain hoist, is placed on a saddle between the 2 cross beams. This saves additional headroom. If space is particularly tight, the crane bridge is raised between the crane runway.

Compared to traditional structural steel beams the GISKB crane system with hollow profiles, whether as an overhead monorail, single or double girder crane, has the major advantage that the treads of the profiles are significantly better protected from dust. In this way the plastic rollers of the trolleys maintain their quiet running properties and are durable. In a long run, manual moving of the electric chain hoist and crane bridge can be carried out effortlessly and precisely. Due to their numerous advantages such as modularity, lightweight construction, flexibility, dust protection and simple installation GISKB crane systems are used in various industries for the internal flow of goods.

Accessories & options

  • Radio remote control
  • Travel limit switch for electrical moving
  • Profiles in customer-specific colours
  • Zinc-plated profiles
  • Suspended cranes with one or two-sided telescopic jib
  • Crane tracks with several transverse bridges
  • Drop stations
  • Console cranes
  • Shelf-storage operation units
  • Freestanding systems
  • Special suspensions
  • Power supply via energy chain or internal conductor line
  • Roving pendant


Crane system with synchronous electric chain hoists for lifting long goodsCrane system in workshop with tight space conditionsLight crane system in machine room for manual movement of goodsLight crane system in machine room for manual movement of goodsElectric chain hoist is placed between crane girders for maximum lifting heightThe crane system is used to transport wooden panels from the rack to the machineCrane system for the transport of a crate in wine productionCrane system used for transporting eccentric loadsDouble bridge suspended crane GISKB with vacuum lifterCrane system GISKB with radio control

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