Motorised trolley for the electric movement of goods

Motorised trolley GMF

GMF1250 - 6300, up to 6300 kg
  • Motorised trolley for steel beams
  • Side plates made of cast iron with fall and climbing protection
  • Load wheels made of cast iron, with ball bearings
  • 1 or 2 travelling speeds
  • Flange width infinitely variable
  • Control box with easily accessible connections
  • Option: travel limit switch
  • Option: radio remote control

Technical specifications

Standard version

Maximum load capacities

GMF1250: 1250 kg, GMF2500: 2500 kg, GMF4000: 4000 kg, GMF5000: 5000 kg, ​GMF6300: 6300 kg

Flange widths

GMF1250: 70 - 140 mm (option: 70 - 240 mm), GMF2500: 88 - 200 mm (option: 88 - 300 mm), GMF4000 /5000 / 6300: 91 - 300 mm (option: 91 - 200 mm)

Minimum curve radius (with carrier roller)

GMF1250: 1300 mm, GMF2500: 1800 mm, GMF4000 / 5000 / 6300: 2200 mm

Standard voltages

3 × 400 V / 50 Hz, 3 × 230 V / 50 Hz
1 × 115 V / 50 Hz, 1 × 230 V / 50 Hz

3 phase motor

1 or 2 speeds

1 phase motor

1 speed


42 V low voltage control

Protection class



Side plates and load wheels made of cast iron

Load wheels

Load wheels for flat running surfaces

Support bolt

Galvanised support bolt


Fall and climbing protection

Control switch

4 button ergonomic control switch with emergency stop and external strain relief

Control cable length

2 m

Isolation class (motor)



DC spring-loaded brake

Customer's benefit

The GMF1250 - 6300 electric trolleys are designed for maximum flexibility and longevity:

The larger diameter of the load wheels, the helical gear parts and load wheels which can be matched to the beam surface ensure a longer service life and optimum running properties.

The flange width is infinitely variable by means of a new type of adjustment system and can be fixed easily by using the a locking function.

Due to their good handling characteristics and their longevity, GIS trolleys are often used by our customers as components for end carriage of underslung travelling cranes.

Accessories & options

  • Trolley in corrosion resistant version
  • Trolleys in ATEX version
  • Direct control, special control
  • Radio remote control
  • Festoon mounted pendant control box
  • Frequency inverter
  • Worldwide operating and control voltages
  • Special speeds available on request
  • Travel limit switch 1 or 2 stages
  • Carrier rollers for cornering
  • Convex load wheels made of cast iron
  • Plastic load wheels
  • Load wheels made of steel or stainless steel
  • Special support bolts for special flange widths
  • Gear grease for low temperature use / food industry
  • Temperature monitoring to prevent the motor from overheating
  • Protection class IP65
  • Counterweight modularly expandable


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