1. Januar 2019

Electric chain hoist GP1000 in single-phase version up to 2000 kg

The electric chain hoist GP1000 is now available in a single-phase version. Loads up to 2000 kg can be lifted conveniently with power from the socket.

The GIS electric chain hoist GP1000 is now also available in a single-phase AC version (1 x 230 V, 50 Hz) which reaches load capacities up to 2'000 kg in the 2-fall execution.

This chain hoist can be operated conveniently with power from the socket in stationary operation as well as in connection with a push or motorized trolley. It though still has the proven features of the GP series. Due to protection class IP65, the hoist is dust proof and protected against water jets. In comparison with traditional round-steel chains, the manganese-phosphated and case-hardened profile-steel chain has a significantly higher safety factor which reduces the wear and significantly extends the service life.

All single-phase chain hoists are now equipped with temperature monitoring as standard to protect the motor against overheating at heavy duty.

You will find an overview of the GP series in the brochure and in the technical data sheet.

P.S. The electric chain hoists of the LP series for the entertainment industry are also available in single-phase version.


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