Vacuum handling system for lifting and transporting panels

Vacuum lifter GH/GHK

up to 1000 kg, with tilting up to 500 kg
  • For airtight goods: metal, plastic, glass, stone...
  • Central operating unit for complete crane system. With mounting for customer’s existing control switch/remote controller on request
  • Complete solution including electric chain hoist, crane system or slewing crane
  • Sturdy and durable devices
  • Weight-saving construction with low installation height
  • Suction surfaces, traverses and operating panels can be tailored to customer needs
  • Available as glass lifting unit, turning unit or shelf storage operation unit
  • Fully complies with the European Norm EN 13155 (Warning system, two-handed operation, vacuum tank, non-return valve)

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Technical specifications

Standard version

Maximum load capacity

1000 kg, with tilting 500 kg

Standard voltage

3 × 400 V / 50 Hz

Compressor power

0.37 kW

Lengths of main traverse

1200, 2000, 2600, 3000 mm

Suction plates

2 or 4 suction plates (ø 180, 270 or 320 mm)


With panel for transverse operation, length: 600 or 1000 mm

Operating functions

On/off, sucking in/dropping off, emergency stop (as an option: tilting up/down, up/down, left/right, forth/back) 

Warning system

Visual warning system

Power supply

Coiled cable or cable reels

Customer's benefit

Vacuum lifters of the type GH/K are used for airtight goods such as glass, metal and plastic.

From standard products for sacks, cardboard boxes or panels, to customer-specific versions, we offer a wide range of vacuum lifting solutions.
Small transport loads with frequent handling or heavy, unwieldy transport goods with unusual handling – every vacuum system is tailored to its use and assures gentle material handling.

The vacuum production and all lifting and travelling movements are controlled with the central operating unit.
The devices are robust, durable and need little maintenance. They can be operated longitudinal or crossways, depending on the transport goods.
GIS vacuum lifters are equipped with an optical warning device as standard.

Accessories & options

  • Panel for longitudinal operation
  • Control switch holder
  • Turning main traverse
  • Reinforced plug for plug connection
  • Deactivation of single suction surfaces
  • Water separator
  • Acoustic warning system
  • Special suction surfaces and traverses
  • Energy saving mechanism


Vacuum lifter for lifting and turning wooden boardsIn a carpentry workshop, wooden boards are lifted onto the sawing machine by means of a vacuum lifter.


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