Chain hoist for scenic presentation with path and load measurement

Electric chain hoist LP C1

LP500 - 2500, up to 2000 kg

Reliable and long-lasting

  • Robust: 3 year warranty
  • Proven DC spring brake, with or without monitoring
  • Weatherproof motors: Protection class IP65 and KTL-coating for hard outdoor use

Easy to operate

  • Quiet running: with 3-step drive and helical gearing
  • Powerful built-in motor, speed up to 32m/min
  • Simple: Polygonal design for an easy maintenance

Customer specific

  • Preparation for load and path measurement​
  • Suitable for frequency inverted operation
  • Wide range of accessories and options

Technical specifications

Standard version

C1 motor

In accordance with EN14492-2, SQP2:2018, DIN56950, EN17206

Maximum load capacities

LP500: 400 kg, LP1000: 800 kg, LP1600: 1250 kg, LP2500: 2000 kg 

Chain safety

Minimum 10:1

Standard voltages

3 × 400 V / 50 Hz, 3 × 230 V / 50 Hz

3 phase motor

1 or 2 lifting speeds

  • Interface for control system provided by the customer
  • Suitable for frequency inverted operation

Limit switch

Geared limit switch with two additional emergency stops

Protection class


Load measurement

Eyebolt or hook suspension with load sensor: output signal 0 - 10 V

Path measurement

Incremental encoder on chain wheel


Usable as stationary or climbing hoist

Isolation class (motor)


Housing and cover made of aluminum


Housing, chain and equipping parts black


Two independent DC spring-loaded brakes

Load hook

With interlocking hook lug, dampening system

Overload protection

No slipping clutch, overload shutdown by client

Customer's benefit

For both path and load measurement, additional components and electrical parts can be easily integrated in the chain hoist. On the drive shaft and/or the chain wheel, the installation of incremental or absolute encoders is prepared for path measurement. Special eyebolt and hook suspensions allow easy installation of a load measuring pin for load measurement. Our partners who develop and supply the control for multiple hoists value this highly.

All LP motors are equipped with a 3-stage self-contained gear. The helical gearing with geometric optimisation and the chain wheel with minimum 5 pockets ensure extremely quiet running. This allows the quiet handling of loads during events. Thanks to the sound absorption of the transmission the sound pressure level of the LP500 is only 60 dB.

Accessories & options

  • Worldwide operating and control voltages
  • Lifting speeds up to 32 m/min at 50 Hz
  • Load measuring pin: Output signal 4 – 20 mA
  • Mechanical protection for load sensor
  • Preparation for path measurement with absolute encoder on chain wheel, without encoder
  • Preparation for path measurement with incremental or absolute encoder on rotor shaft (without encoder)
  • Safety load locking hook
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Brake surveillance independent for first and second brake
  • Additional rectifier
  • Chain container for various lifting heights
  • Handles
  • Customised adjustments for cable connections
  • Flight cases (2 x LP500, 1 x LP1000)
  • Push and motorised trolleys


Chain motor in multifunctional arena for holding trussesMotor d8+ in sports arena to hold traverseElectric chain hoists and motorised trolleys are used for stage constructionSetup for a large event with loudspeakers and spotlights held by electric chain hoists


spare parts

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